My name is Anne,

By title, I've been a Graphic Designer, Art Director and Creative Director. By passion I'm an avid laugher, photographer, illustrator, cut & paster, an overall MAKE believer. I have a love for making anything, be it on a computer, scratch paper, found materials, or camera. Over time the motion of building things lead the way to finding and learning the beauty of breaking down a composition in my surroundings, figuring out why something speaks to me and why it can be a devastating yet rewarding journey to re-create it in my own work.

I have worked in the retail world for the last 5 years. 

Working in a little valley named San Jose in California has built her experience in both freelance and professional design work for non-profits and retail marketing. She currently floats within the nexus of print and digital.

@thuyanne on instagram



Saga by Brian K. Vaughn